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This roundtable addresses practice issues and shares information between practitioners in a roundtable format. Outside experts often lead the roundtable discussions and presentations.




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Indemnity Agreements: Big Problems for Architects

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Former Presidents’ Forum Deliberates on Topic of Professional Ethics

All AIA Connecticut members are invited to attend. Meetings are held at the offices of AIA Connecticut on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted and will earn 1 CE hour per roundtable discussion regardless of length of the presentation, as these are informal programs. See Calendar  for dates. (Schedule information subject to change.)

2017 Meeting Schedule:

February 21 – 7 Steps to Closing More Sales
Rochelle Carrington of Sandler Training will lead this important discussion. Rochelle has 23 years of experience in sales and sales management. As an architect, you have spent countless hours honing your craft, so you know you are gifted at design. How much time have you spent becoming just as gifted at business development? Most professionals spend far too much time with prospects that are “kicking tires” and end up chasing them down for decisions, finding themselves overcoming difficult objections and negotiating fees they shouldn’t have to negotiate. If you are tired of ineffective sales practices, join us to learn the 7 steps to closing more business without becoming a pushy and aggressive salesperson. You are too talented to be inefficient at sales!

April 26 – Cyber Security for Your Firm
Discussion led by Bill Silver, AIA and staff from Silver Petrucelli + Associates.
Given our present cyber climate, this program is a must for architectural firms.
Discussion will focus on:

  • Firewall Protection and pros/cons of various systems
  • Encryption policies and protecting logging in from remote locations
  • Controlling your data from mobile devices

June 21 – Real Estate Development for Architects
A discussion of Architects and Real Estate Development. A panel of Joe Vallone, AIA, Vallone Studio, Westport; Joe Migani, AIA,  O’Riordan Migani  Architects, Seymour;  and Susan Olivier, The Williams Group, Amherst, Massachusetts, will lead a discussion of the pros and cons and lessons learned from their various real development projects. A broad range of projects, residential, commercial,  and both private and public work, in which the participants have been involved will be covered.

September 27 – A Review of 2017 AIA Documents
Discussion led by Marty Onorato, AIA.
The 2017 updates have been released. At this meeting, the discussion will focus on key changes implemented by the Documents Committee in the principal contracts, the B101, A101 and A201. Potential discussion topics include:

  • Impacts the changes will have on basic services and risk profiles
  • How the changes will likely impact contract negotiations
  • Implications of the changes for the project team.

October 25 – Succession Planning: Passing the Reins
Discussion led by Bill Silver, AIA and Jim McManus, FAIA.
Principals must establish a process for recruiting and preparing future leaders of the firm.  Potential topics include:

  • Understanding long-term goals and objectives
  • Identifying employees’ developmental needs
  • Determining workforce trends and predictions

November 29 – Contract Administration for Interns 
Discussion led by Leo Rodriguez-Coss, AIA.
The roundtable will focus on the processes, challenges and project documentation that mark the construction phase of the project, with emphasis on effective communication and document management during contract administration.
Potential topics include:

  • Addenda, RFI’s and substitutions
  • Supplemental instructions, field reports and meeting minutes
  • Submittal review and approval
  • Payment certification and change orders