AIA Connecticut Committees

Small Firms

This dynamic roundtable, meeting nine times a year to explore and discuss issues specific to small practices, is a must for the sole practitioner and micro firm. Most roundtables feature expert speakers.


All AIA Connecticut members are invited to attend. Meetings are held at the offices of AIA Connecticut on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. See Calendar for dates. (Schedule information subject to change.)

The AIA Connecticut Small Firms Roundtable is generously sponsored by

A.W. Hastings & Co. / Marvin Windows and Doors

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2017 Meeting Schedule:

March 15 – Design Psychology for Creative Environments: How to Optimize Occupant Creativity through Architectural Design
Discussion led by Donald M. Rattner, AIA. Learn how space is a resource for boosting creative performance. Our physical surroundings have an enormous impact on our ability to solve problems, generate original ideas, and develop novel products and services, often without our being aware of it. Don Rattner will review the numerous ways that the built environment influences creative thinking, and how we can increase occupant creativity in almost any architectural context — workplace, school, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and residential.

Donald Rattner, AIA is an educator and author as well as practitioner. His publications include The Creativity Catalog, Parallel of the Classical Orders of Architecture, entries in professional reference books, and numerous contributions to print and online channels.

May 17 – Tour of the Art Model Shop, University of Hartford
(Tentative Date)

July 19 – To be announced
September 13 – LED in Decorative Lighting
Discussion led by Robin Doerfler from SK & Associates and representatives from the American Glass Light Company.

November 15 – To be announced

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