Alice Washburn 2016 Award

Honoring Traditional Connecticut Residential Architecture In Both Houses And Accessory Buildings.



John Kuhn, AIA, Kuhn Riddle Architects, Amherst, Massachusetts
Martha Montgomery, AIA, Montgomery Ark, Williamstown, Massachusetts
Peter Twombly, AIA, Estes Twombly Architects, Inc., Newport, Rhode Island


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New Construction


Honor Award


Reese Owens Architects, Washington Depot, CT

Photographer: Tim Lee

Nettleton Hollow Cottage, Washington, CT
Reese Owens Architects, Washington Depot, CT






Jury comments: The jury liked the scale of the project. Both interior and exterior were the most resolved of the projects it looked at. The jury appreciated its smaller foot print, its delicate proportions, and its engagement with the site. The floor plan was clearly presented. Made up of traditional components knitted together in a non-traditional way, this project will stand up over time, aging well.


Honorable Mention


Haver & Skolnik Architects, Roxbury, CT

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Stone Farmhouse
Haver & Skolnick Architects, Roxbury, CT






Jury comments: The jury liked the way the building was broken down so not to give the appearance of a large house. The house was well detailed and authentic, appearing as if it had been on it site for a long time. Its attempt to disguise its large size was impressive as is its well concealed infra-structure. There is a restraint of detailing in keeping with the intent to present a farm house that has grown organically over time.


Honorable Mention


Austin Patterson Disston Architects, Southport, CT

Photographer: Jeff McNamara

Tidal River View
Austin Patterson Disston Architects, Southport, CT





Jury comments: The house has really refined, nicely detailed exterior proportions with sophisticated, beautiful elements on the exterior and on the façade. The jury loved the swooping roofs. The project has a very well resolved floor plan without being too stiff. The hallway trim and casework were well articulated, interior and exterior detailing both on the same level..


Additions and Renovations




Vicente Burin Arcchitects, LLC, Fairfield, CT

Photographer: Tim Williams

The Saltbox
Vicente Burin Architects, LLC, Fairfield, CT






Jury comments: The jury liked the playful, asymmetrical side elevation with its invisible door. It liked the fact that the salt box was respected and the way in which the addition acknowledges the main house. The interior detailing is crisp: the jury especially noted the excellence of the modern, stripped down Shaker cabinetry.


Accessory Buildings





Reese Owens Architects, Washington Depot, CT

Photographer: Tim Lee

Nettleton Hollow Pool House, Washington, CT
Reese Owens Architects, Washington Depot, CT






Jury comments: This project is a clean fit in its category. It relates well to the main house; its planning is successful, with distinct, public and private entries on the sides. It is impeccably presented.  All elements are nicely proportioned.


Special Award for a Large Scale Project of Accessory Use


Honorable Mention


Doyle Coffin Architects, Ridgefield,, CT

Photographer: Dan Lenore

Victorian Cottage
Doyle Coffin Architects, Ridgefield, CT









Jury comments: This was an exceptional project, in presentation, in finishes. Every detail is fully realized. There are inventive interior finishes and a level of consistency both in planning and construction. All elements are tightly organized and consistent with the footprint.