Business Architecture 2015 Awards

The Business Architecture Awards statewide award honors architects for solving business problems for Connecticut clients, thereby demonstrating the power of architecture to shape business performance, to improve peoples’ lives and provide a value added service to clients in a business setting that far exceeds the costs of that service. Projects may include non-profit businesses. The award acknowledges architects and their clients whose projects enhance the built environment and achieve business goals.



Laura Pirie, AIA, Pirie Associates Architects, New Haven, CT
Duo Dickinson, AIA, Duo Dickinson Architect, Madison, CT
Ralph Rotomund, S & R Holdings, Madison, CT


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Under 50 Employees


Honor Award


Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology (ConnCAT)

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology (ConnCAT), New Haven, CT
Svigals + Partners, New Haven, CT







Jury comments: This engaging, inviting project does a lot with a little. It demonstrates growth and takes the client to the next level. It has energy, dynamism, and shows what can be achieved with a small budget.



Over 50 Employees


 Honor Award


Dorel Sports

Photographer: Esto Photographics, Inc.

Dorel Sports, Wilton, CT
CPG Architects, Stamford, CT








Jury comments: The project looks like its story; it merges both the staff and visitor experience and meets all the corporate strategic goals. The design supports the firm’s branding and gets out the message of what it does. Interesting and well executed, it shows that you can have fun doing a project.


Honorable Mention


Belimo Americas Expansion Project

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Belimo Americas Expansion Project, Danbury, CT
The S/L/A/M Collaborative, Glastonbury, CT








Jury comments: The design demonstrates active thinking about the future and incorporates planning for the future. The jury appreciated the extra efforts and clear, consistent attempt to integrate branding in a large scale facility, which is always a difficult task.