Drawing 2014 Awards

To recognize excellence in architectural drawing.



AIA Connecticut Design Commission Members:
James Martin, AIA
Leonard Wyeth, AIA
Kevin Herrick, AIA
Peg Chambers, AIA
Jack Franzen, FAIA
Tim Shea, AIA


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Hand Drawing  – Honor Award


Barry Svigals, FAIA

Barry Svigals, FAIA
Svigals + Partners, New Haven, CT







Jury comments: This was the most spontaneous submission. Using only three or four colors and minimal strokes, space, texture and motion were captured with a powerful sense of light and shadow. Negative space is also used skillfully. The watercolor is packed with a lot of information and emotion and has the intimacy of a moment being captured.




Hand Drawing – Honorable Mention


Sandra Vlock, AIA, LEED AP

Sandra Vlock, AIA, LEED AP
Arbonies King Vlock, Branford, CT









Jury comments: This engaging, spontaneous color sketch draws the viewer in with an economy of means. The simplicity sparks the imagination. Like a travel poster, it offers a sense of space (both near and far), sunlight, warm colors, and effectively captures the feel and texture of a village in the mountains.







Computer Generated Drawing – Honor Award


Alex Paolucci

Alex Paolucci
Austin Patterson Disston Architects, Southport, CT






Jury comments: This is a successful digital drawing with a subtle, well-chosen color palette. The hard lines of the composition are softened by color, very much like a colorized photograph from the 1930’s. There is a cloud like aura to the drawing; it is as interesting close up as it is from afar. It is very legible and has a pleasing level of detail.



Computer Generated Drawing – Honorable Mention


Joeb Moore, AIA

Joeb Moore, AIA
Joeb Moore & Partners, Greenwich, CT





Jury comments: This is a different kind of animation, an alternative to a fly-through, opening up new possibilities of putting static buildings in motion. It introduces the potential of expressing time and procession through a building. The movement of the human figures is fascinating. The jury applauded this innovative approach. (See animated view)



Study – Honor Award


Mark Markewicz, AIA

Mark Markewicz, AIA
Mark Markiewicz, AIA, New Canaan, CT







Jury comments: This is a masterful example of pencil technique. It is extremely precise, with a wonderful degree of detail rendered with simple, soft, easy strokes. It appears to have been developed from a travel sketch and seems to cover a variety of European architectural styles.





Process Drawing – Honor Award


Anthony Markese, AIA

Anthony Markese, AIA
Pickard Chilton, New Haven, CT






Jury comments: This is a true exploration of early ideas, including elevations sections, plans and perspectives. It resembles a story board and yet is playfully done. It appears that color was added to the sketch after the fact. It is the color, however, that brings the ideas to life.