Connecticut Architecture Foundation (CAF)


CAF 2018 Board of Directors

Jay M. Brotman, AIA

Stephanie Degen-Monroe, AIA
Vice President

Robert E. Swain, Jr., AIA

John P. Franzen, FAIA

Timothy L. Brewer, AIA
MJ (Peg) Chambers, AIA
Nancy Clayton, AIA
Richard T. Connell, AIA
Michael J. Crosbie, FAIA
George Fellner, AIA
Robert Golde, FASLA
Glenn R. Gollenberg, AIA
Elizabeth (Tina) Greco, AIA
Thomas McC. Haskell, AIA
Alan S. Lagocki, AIA
Peter J. Newman, Associate AIA
Arthur L. Sanders, AIA
Kermit Thompson, FAIA
Gregory H. Van Deusen, PE

Mission Statement:
The Connecticut Architecture Foundation will raise public awareness of, and expectations for, architecture and the built environment. It will accomplish these goals through the funding of people and programs in education, scholarship, mentorship or research.

The Connecticut Architecture Foundation is committed to enhancing and promoting the quality of the state’s built environment. The Foundation encourages public understanding and community involvement in the design and building processes which create our physical surroundings. It also supports the profession of architecture and allied arts and services. To accomplish these goals, the Foundation sponsors scholarships, publications, exhibitions and other activities, which contribute to an awareness of our architectural heritage and the direction of our future development.

The Foundation was established in 1978 by the CSA/AIA (now AIA Connecticut) as an independent organization to raise and distribute funds for these purposes. It is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of architects and allied professionals.

The Connecticut Architecture Foundation does not initiate or operate programs. It realizes its goals by financially assisting in those creative endeavors it recognizes as consistent with its objectives. The Foundation is supported by gifts from individuals, corporations, public and private institutions and agencies committed to a physical environment of enduring quality and distinction.

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Connecticut Architecture Foundation Annual Giving

For almost 40 years, the CAF has funded people and programs in education, scholarship, mentorship and research.
One primary function of the Foundation is the awarding of scholarships to deserving students pursuing an architectural education. In addition, the CAF has assisted other educational efforts, such as the Architectural Resources Center and the University of Hartford’s student AIA chapter.

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Connecticut Architecture Foundation
c/o American Institute of Architects, Connecticut Chapter
370 James Street, Suite 402
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