Tuesday, November 28, 2023

2019 CANstruction

Three Connecticut elementary & middle schools gathered on May 9th at the Connecticut Food Bank to partake in an annual event hosted by AIA Connecticut, known as CANstruction. Since 2002, schools have partnered with architectural firms and compete by building structures made up entirely of cans that are later donated to
the Connecticut Food Bank. Each participating school is tasked with fundraising the amount of money needed to purchase the specific number of cans that each architecture firm calculated to create their projects.

After a welcome from Gina Calabro from AIA Connecticut, Mia Allen and Megan Lenzzo from the Connecticut Food Bank informed the group about their company’s mission, and the importance of the student’s accomplishment by raising a grand total of over 3,800 pounds of food, enough for over 3,200 meals.

The building then commenced for several hours with architects assisting the students. The competing teams and their entries were a shark made by Savin Rock Community School, West Haven /Newman Architects, New Haven, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz by Gideon Welles School, Glastonbury /JCJ Architecture, Hartford, and the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel’s Avengers by Wilbert Snow, Middletown/George Penniman Architects, Essex.

Once building was completed and judging was to begin, the students were led on a guided tour of the Connecticut Food Bank. This year’s judges, Michael Ayles, FAIA of Antinozzi Associates; Max Ballardo, Associate AIA, of Patriquin Architects; and Ben Mayne, Centerbrook Architects were assigned the task to decide the Best Meal Award, the Best Use of Labels Award, the Best Structural Integrity Award, and the Best Original Design.

After much deliberation, students, faculty, and parents gathered around for the awards. All students were given a medal inscribed with the words  “Together We Can.”

Gideon Welles and JCJ Architecture took home Best Original Design with their rendition of Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road and Best Use of Labels Award. Savin Rock and Newman Architects were awarded the Best Meal Award, and Wilbert Snow and George Penniman Architects were presented the Structural Integrity