Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Design Awards- UnBuilt Design


Wesleyan Art Gallery

Newman Architects, PC

Designed for a museum of works on paper to be sited in a narrow rectilinear space between two large brick and stone early twentieth century academic buildings.

Observing the lines of its site, this 3,588 SF building is a simple rectilinear box within which a smaller box contains a modest collection of three galleries of different sizes, their proportions guided by the golden mean, and a workroom. The galleries allow for different exhibit approaches, for more than one exhibition to be hung or viewed simultaneously, and for the spaces to be used for instruction as well. The outer box is a screen of perforated painted aluminum plates assembled to form a single continuous faceted and folded envelope, refracting, reflecting, transmitting, veiling, and revealing.

The roof is planted, providing insulation and a permeable surface to mitigate stormwater flows. The perforated metal exterior envelope is a screen, protecting the inner exterior wall envelope and the interior from degradation due to sun and precipitation.

Jury Comment: “This is a jewel set between two Georgian stalwarts. Very powerful and engaging. The aluminum origami delights the eye and draws one in.”  

Photography and rendering credits: Newman Architects