Tuesday, November 28, 2023

AIA Connecticut 2014 Design Awards

Celebrating the accomplishments of Connecticut architects and the excellence of Connecticut architectural projects.


Peter Gluck, Gluck+, New York, NY
Albert Garcia, AIA, LEED-AP, Principal, Kite Architects, Providence, RI
Tom Chung, AIA, Leers Weinzapfel Associates, Boston, MA

Built Design – Commercial, Institutional/Educational, Public/Municipal, Multi-Family, Interiors

Honor Award

Roger Ferris + Partners Westport, CT Photographer: Paul Rivera of Arch Photo, Inc.

Photographer: Paul Rivera of
Arch Photo, Inc.

Topping Rose House, Bridgehampton, NY
Roger Ferris + Partners LLC, Westport, CT

Jury comments: This project is clearly deserving of an Honor Award. Instead of resorting to mimicry of the historic structures, the Architect enriches the site and preserves and accentuates the beauty of the historic structures by creating simple, minimal, well detailed, well thought out additions reflective of their time. The large move of creating two separate structures is key to preserving the existing scale of structures and creating an identifiable rhythm: the older structures are orthogonal to each other and one of the streets while the new structures are orthogonal to the adjacent street, subtly heightening the difference between the two, while similar material and color palette bring all the structures together. Its simple restrained approach, composition and control of scale is reminiscent of additions to Middleton Inn in South Carolina by Clark and Menefee. There is a harmonious and seamless integration of new and existing structures and the surrounding landscape. The use of materials of the cottage and studios is fresh, inventive and clearly modern.  At the same time the design is respectful to the past in how the details recall and relate to the traditional building forms of the house and barn. The architect’s sensitivity to the site is clearly demonstrated by the submitted photographs that were skillfully composed and carefully considered views to and from the surrounding landscape.

Merit Awards

Centerbrook Architects and PlannersCenterbrook, CT Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, MA
Chad Floyd, FAIA, Centerbrook Architects and Planners, Centerbrook, CT

Jury comments: This project uses a clever strategy of bringing together the original structure by Platt and the subsequent addition by TAC by being as inconspicuous as possible. It does not add a third “style” to what already encompasses two distinct styles in proximity; rather it seamlessly and effortlessly connects the two, both in planning and in appearance. The composition of the plan-with a significantly larger footprint addition at the ground floor, most of which is hidden behind a site wall and rendered as a raised ground plane with a green roof, as compared to the second floor- is critical in maintaining hierarchy and a proper deference to the original structure while maintaining its own integrity as an important supporting actor. A wonderfully simple and elegant addition. Modest, restrained and yet powerfully effectively, the design of the addition reinvents the former connection between the museum and the mid-century modern art centers into a series of delightfully integrated public spaces.

HBRA ArchitectsChicago, ILPhotographer: Timothy Hursley

Photographer: Timothy Hursley

Bass Library Yale University, New Haven, CT
HBRA Architects, Inc., Chicago, IL

Jury comments: This is a very competent project at all levels, given the understanding and acceptance of the fact of the parameters given for the project required strict recreation of the historic Gothic architecture. It is part restoration and part an intentionally-deferential addition / reconstruction, both seamlessly done. The jury appreciated the effort on behalf of the architect to envision the project as a comprehensive body of work, and a true synthesis of art and craftsmanship.  The success of the project is in the details; from the well- crafted masonry entrance portal, delicately proportioned windows, to careful consideration of interior finishes and furniture.

IBI Group - Gruzen Samton New York, NY Photographer: Foster + Partners

Photographer: Foster + Partners

Yale School of Management, Edward P. Evans Hall, New Haven, CT
IBI Group • Gruzen Samton, Architect of Record and Foster + Partners, Design Architects, New York, NY

Jury comments: There is a clear big idea which is unabashedly followed and a nice use of section to incorporate a large auditorium and underground parking, thereby preserving the site for landscape. It is clearly about creating a signature architecture that speaks of its client’s importance. The building’s free flowing forms and spaces clearly reflect the dynamic and collaborative nature of the modern global economy. The design successfully achieves a balance between large-scale civic monumentality and sensitivity to the human scale.

Honorable Mentions

Roger Ferris + Partners Westport, CT Photographer: Paul Rivera, Archphoto

Photographer: Paul Rivera, Arch Photo, Inc.

Performing Arts Center, Stamford, CT
Roger Ferris + Partners LLC, Westport, CT

Jury comments: The project is a study in simplicity. It is refreshingly restrained and has consistent use of materials and detailing on interior finishes and exterior cladding. The building edges are precisely tailored, and celebrate the complete absence of unnecessary and extraneous trim. Its best feature is the effectiveness of its clever massing in minimizing the impact of the large auditorium and stage by surrounding it with secondary programmed spaces and an invented arcade along both the interior and exterior corners of the L-shaped composition. The entry at the center of the L from two different approaches is effective.

Tyre Studio Architects New Haven, CT Photographer: Anthony Cristafulli

Photographer: Anthony Cristafulli

Glen Lochen, Glastonbury, CT
Tyre Studio Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: A wonderful exterior skin provides an inventive, playful and dynamic transformation of the existing structure. The project is an effective transformation of an existing structure employing what is basically a recladding exercise. There is no significant change in plan or structure, yet its exterior transformation is complete and done efficiently at its front façade to create the most “bang for the buck.” The integration of the original sloped roof portion of the building to create transformative triangular geometries at the front façade was especially a clever, cost effective strategy. 

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects NewHaven, CT Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

The Theatre School, Chicago, IL
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project is commendable in maintaining a restrained palette of materials and color to create, enjoyable, light filled interior spaces that engage the street. There is a lot of program packed into a compact footprint which is thoughtfully composed in plan. Major interior spaces are given proper articulation on the exterior. There is a  very successful and well-organized layout for an extremely complex and varied program. The images of interior spaces are compelling and inviting in terms of the quality of light, color and materials.

Newman Architects, PC New Haven, CT Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

The Keith C. and Elaine Johnson World Performing Arts Center at Lynn University Performing Arts Center, Boca Raton, FL
Newman Architects, PC, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: The project is very successful from certain vantage points both from interior and exterior where there is a clarity of form and a consistent vocabulary and aesthetic that unites the various elements of the program. The main theater space is rich and well-formed, and the room with the piano and the entry canopy detail effectively echo elements of the theater. The graceful and almost fabric-like use of natural wood creates an elegant and richly detailed performance space.


Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects NewHaven, CT Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, New Haven, CT
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project has a well thought out and composed plan, clear expression of the hierarchy of major spaces and well composed exterior elements and facades from certain view points. The very skillfully designed plan layout and building massing takes advantage of the sloped urban site.




Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects NewHaven, CT Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Photographer: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

St. Katherine Drexel Chapel, New Orleans, LA
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project has a certain rigor and is rational yet creates an effective and appropriate sanctuary aesthetic with its contemporary double shell construction, reminiscent of the construction of various historic cathedral domes. Its reinterpretation or variations on the traditional cathedral elements such as procession, use of natural light, and historic forms should be noted. The sloped walls of the octagonal worship space appear weightless and seem to glow, thanks to a remarkably inventive roof structure.

Single Family Residence

Merit Award

Roger Ferris + Partners Westport, CT Photographer: Michael Biondo

Photographer: Michael Biondo

Green House, Sag Harbor, NY
Roger Ferris + Partners LLC, Westport, CT

Jury comments: This project is simple, well detailed and achieves a lot with few simple moves. The privacy of bedrooms is clearly articulated in the solid volume which contrasts with public spaces at the ground floor that are fully glazed. Especially nice is the covered patio which integrates interior and exterior spaces at the junction of two vlumes.




Wilfred J. O. Armster, AIA Guilford, CT Photographer: Norman McGrath

Photographer: Norman McGrath

Cube House Addition, Easton, CT
Wilfred John Oskar Armster, AIA, Guilford, CT

Jury comments: The daring and dramatic form of the addition and the raw industrial vocabulary of the steel truss create a natural and seamless extension of the original structure. The addition appears float over the steep and rocky ledge and successfully allows the landscape and views to flow through the site, creating an interesting dialog between the built and natural environment.




Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc. Boston, MA Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Lantern House, CT
Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc., Jacob Albert and Lyle Bradley, Boston, MA

Jury comments: The project is a clean, somewhat abstracted version of a familiar vernacular. There is a certain sense of the structure having always been at the site and yet a sense of newness. It is an interesting combination of a building that has clearly been “designed” yet feels vernacular in a way and that is the most interesting quality of the project.






Joeb Moore & Partners Greenwich, CT Photographer: David Sundberg/Esto

Photographer: David Sundberg/Esto

Harbor Residence, Old Greenwich, CT
Joeb Moore & Partners, Greenwich, CT

Jury comments: A beautifully detailed exterior envelope. The architect skillfully and elegantly balances a core palette of natural wood and stone materials, with the machined precision of exposed steel and structural glazing. The site section is considerate and well thought out, with respect to both building and landscape.





Honorable Mention

Christopher Williams Architects LLC New Haven, CT Photographer: Christopher Gardner

Photographer: Christopher Gardner

Sterling Memorial Library International Room, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Christopher Williams Architects LLC, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project is a meticulous restoration / recreation of the original interior, being true to the process. The project is a fine example of a restoration project that was clearly inspired by careful and detailed research. The modern adaptation of original shelving units to provide backlit displays is inventive and respectfully relates to and quality of light that enters the space through (similarly backlit) original stained glass windows.




Pirie Associates Architects New Haven, CT Photographer: Erik Freeland

Photographer: Erik Freeland

Amos Bull House and Butler McCook Carriage House Addition and Renovation, Hartford, CT
Pirie Associates Architects. New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project is a notable example of using a modest addition that allows for the historic structure to be preserved to extend its usefulness, given the growing needs of the client, while at the same time solving the issues of accessibility and preserving the historic appearance of its entries.





Tecton Architects PC Hartford, CT Photographer: Tecton Architects PC

Photographer: Tecton Architects PC

Old State House, Hartford, CT
Tecton Architects, PC, Hartford, CT

Jury comments: The meticulous, focused restoration of the cupola recreates the historic look and feel by using new materials. The project is a quite simply a very skillful restoration of the most visible, recognizable and memorable architectural element of this landmark building. It is without question the result of technically precise planning and careful deployment of modern materials.




Honor Award

Joeb Moore & PartnersGreenwich, CT Photographer: NA

Photographer: Joeb Moore & Partners

Meadow Pavilion, Cross River, NY
Joeb Moore & Partners, Greenwich, CT

Jury comments: This project is clearly deserving of an Honor Award in this category. It is well conceived and resolved at all levels, with the integration of building and landscape or building as landscape. The composition of the plan and elevation and especially the various studies of the skylight structures are rigorous yet convey a sensual, evocative quality.

Architecture: The Encompassing Art

Merit Award

HBRA ArchitectsChicago, IL
Photographer: Timothy Hursley
Bass Library Elements, New Haven, CT
HBRA Architects, Inc., Chicago, IL

Jury comments: This meticulous recreation of elements of the historic Gothic architecture is commendable in form and detail.





Honorable Mention

Newick Architects New Haven, CT Photographer: Craig Newick

Photographer: Craig Newick

Accessibility, New Haven, CT
Newick Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: A tiny scope of work, yet done very thoughtfully in both design and fabrication. It shows an understanding of the qualities of wood and efficient fabrication.






Saniee Architects LLC Greenwich, CT Photographer: Neil Landino

Photographer: Neil Landino

Wheeler Residence, Hartsdale, NY
Saniee Architects LLC, Greenwich, CT


Jury comments: A well thought out detail where the solution for supporting the open end of the stair treads is at the same time, architectural, structural and spatial.