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AIA Connecticut 2017 Design Awards

Celebrating the accomplishments of Connecticut architects and the excellence of Connecticut architectural projects.


Deborah Gans, FAIA
GANS Studio, Brooklyn, New York

Michael N. Lykoudis, AIA
Dean, University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, South Bend, Indiana

Robert Miklos, FAIA
DesignLAB Architects, Boston, Massachusetts

Built – Commercial, Institutional, Educational, or Multi-Family Residential

Honor Awards

Photographer: Chris Gardner Photo

The Novella, New Haven, CT
Beinfield Architecture PC, South Norwalk, CT

Jury comments: This is smart housing, a good housing block. It is solid, doesn’t try too hard, and reflects intelligent urban planning and good urban intentions. The jury appreciated the palette of color and materials. A lot was done with a modest budget. This is a great background building in its context.




Photographer: Esto Photographics Inc.

Mill River Park Carousel Pavilion, Stamford, CT
Gray Organschi Architecture, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project is playful and architectural at the same time, a combination hard to achieve. The jury loved its simplicity, the understatement of the exterior shed, and the extraordinary discovery of the whimsical carousel inside. The laminated wood oculus is beautiful. The carousel is like an art piece.



Photographer: Esto Photographics Inc.

Lanphier Center for Mathematics and Computer Science at Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: The jury liked the way in which the massing, character and the site elements are engaged at all levels, and in particular how the approach to the pond and other buildings engaged the trees. It liked the way the building and the site created a single expanded sequence. This is the best of many institutional courtyard buildings: the architect appreciated the importance of creating spaces outside the the building. This was one of the best solutions to the struggle to find a vocabulary for the mix of curtain wall with other kinds of materiality. The scale is controlled at every level; it is the glue that holds the volumes together. 

Photographer: Esto Photographics Inc.

George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City, UT
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This project is a great urban amenity. It addresses well the edges of the building in the city by making a prominent civic face as well as a great outdoor space for theater goers. There is a well scaled and beautifully proportioned façade. With its transparency and its balcony, the façade animates the city at night.




Honorable Mention

Photographer: Dror Baldinger
Architectural Photography

University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, Health Learning Building, Austin, TX
Design Architect, Page Southerland Page, Inc., Austin, TX
Associate Architect, Programmer, and Planner, The S/L/A/M Collaborative, Glastonbury, CT

Jury comments: An accomplished collage of masonry and glass elements with an interesting program. The articulated stairs reveal the inner workings of the building. It is unusual for a medical building to have a theatrical presence at night; this  is accomplished by the cascading stairs. The building makes an urban edge.






Built – Residential

Honor Awards

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Trolley House, Norwalk, CT
Beinfield Architecture PC, South Norwalk, CT

Jury comments: The jury loved this project that is driven by structure. There is beautiful procession, craft, and consistency of design ethos, inside and out: the plans, the sequence of spaces, are beautiful. This is a whimsical but clever design, with a great site plan, and a good balance of industrial and vernacular forms, resulting in a powerful re-creation of an industrial typology.



Woodland House, Hamden, CT
Gray Organschi Architecture, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This is a rational scheme with beautiful surfaces that harken back to Scandinavian architecture and craft. There is great integration of site and interior carried through in all the details in wood. The dark exterior skin recedes into the forest; the interior reveals itself modestly but is beautifully crafted. All elements contribute to bringing the forest inside, and while this is not an uncommon goal, this is done in a fresh, special way. The siting is skillfully done. There is a layering of surfaces and a controlled sequence of space. Each room as you enter it frames an unexpected view of the forest. 



Photographer: Esto Photographics Inc.

Chilmark House, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Gray Organschi Architecture, New Haven, CT

Jury comments: This is a beautiful and poetic building. The jury appreciated the contemporary interpretation of the New England vernacular, acknowledging contemporary ways of building and continuity of  tradition. The barn-like volumes are very compelling. This is a large house, but it cleverly addresses the dilemma of putting a large program into the site: the purposeful attempt to hide evokes a weathered abandoned building. Inside is an extraordinary lined box. There is a beautiful design strategy: the juxtaposition of complexity of plan with actual simple form. The building, solid on one side, is caved away on the water side to allow for the articulation of space and material.

Honorable Mentions

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Quarry House, Coastal CT
Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Boston, MA

Jury comments:  The site plan is most compelling. There is good use of the traditional language of the Shingle style on the exterior. The project has a nice processional sequence in relation to the site and topography. The dissimilar architectural elements are unified by the correct use of classical elements and the excellent use of these and vernacular elements to form an interesting juxtaposition. 



Photographer: Esto Photographics Inc.

38 PR, Scarsdale, NY
Joeb Moore & Partners, Greenwich, CT

Jury comments: A quite elegant project with a large addition, completely hidden from the street side, to a early 20th century Tudor residence. Refined in detail, it represents the Tudor sensibility and offers a subtle weave, a sophisticated dialogue between old and new. There is an unexpected appreciation of the Tudor style.




Photographer: Steven Mueller Architects, LLC

Johnson Residence, Greenwich, CT
Steven Mueller Architects LLC, Greenwich, CT

Jury comments: The architect knows the Shingle style well,  borrowing from early 20th century houses to integrate the Bungalow and Shingle style. There is the thoughtful use of this integration in an urban site to reinforce the residential scale of the neighborhood. Within the context of small houses, the project creates a distinct outdoor space from the street to the inner courtyard. The exterior is well controlled with beautiful detailing and intersecting surfaces and volumes. There is also a very fine layering of curved and flat surfaces.


Built – Interior Architecture

Honor Award

Photographer: Robert Benson Photography

Brand Strategy Group, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT
Amenta Emma Architects P.C., Hartford, CT

Jury comments:  A clever solution, an unique and unexpected intervention in the context of a modest house that accomodates many workers. It accomplishes dramatic effects with minimum means.







Built – Preservation, Adaptation or Restoration

Honor Awards

Photographer: Durston Saylor Photography

Williamsburgh Savings Bank, Brooklyn, NY
David Scott Parker Architects LLC, Southport, CT

Jury comments: This preservation project has masterful documentation. There is sensitivity and respect for the original building in this beautifully executed design; every aspect is of high quality: the many project dollars were spent in the right way. The jury appreciated how the architect found craftsmen and harnessed their abilities. The straightforward, serious design revealed the authenticity of the architect’s original intent.






Photographer: Jim Fiora Photography LLC

Colt Gateway – East Armory, Hartford, CT
TSKP Studio, Hartford, CT

Jury comments: This significant landmark building is deserving of conservation and reuse. This is commendable restoration of the building. The original elements of the building were well researched. And those that are sometimes overlooked were were well preserved.







Honorable Mention

Photographer: OOTO

Nathan Hale Barns Renovation, Coventry, CT
James Vance & Associates, Architects, Hartford, CT

Jury comments:  Access is solved by using spatial organization in an elegant way. There are small interventions that bring the place to life. The architect conserved the overall integrity of the original fabric of the timber framed barn. There is an elegant finish to all the surfaces of the project. This is sensitve and  thoughtful restoration including accessibility, lighting, and the installation of exhibits.



Architecture: The Encompassing Art

Honor Award

Photographer: Yale Urban Design Workshop

Sustaining Fishers Island, Fishers Island, NY
Yale Urban Design Workshop, New Haven, CT

Jury comments:  This plan for a micro workforce community reflects unique conditions. It has noble aspirations for something bigger than itself. The drawings are compelling as a communication tool.




Honorable Mention

Photographer: Joeb Moore & Partners

Stone Acres Farm, Stonington, CT
Joeb Moore & Partners, Greenwich, CT

Jury comments: : Urban focused on a traditionally agrarian site, the thoughtful comprehensive site planning for this project is compelling. The landscape planning pulls the diverse typologies together. There is good process analysis to synthesis. These are great representational tools to engage community workshops, a good model for other agricultural sites.