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2020 Design Awards

Celebrating the accomplishments of Connecticut architects
and the excellence of Connecticut architectural projects

Registration Open: June 10, 2020 -  August 21, 2020
Submission Deadline: September 11, 2020


2020 Design Awards Jurors

Anne Tate
Professor of Architecture
Rhode Island School of Design

A pioneer in sustainable planning for 25 years, Anne Tate teaches architecture and urban design at the Rhode Island School of Design and leads various sustainability initiatives on campus.

Anne Torney, AIA, LEED, AP BD+C
Partner MITHUN


Anne is an architect and Partner at Mithun, and leads the firm’s San Francisco studio. She has made affordable multi-family housing and transit-oriented urban infill the focus of her work for more than 20 years.

Stuart Silk, AIA
Stuart Silk Architects
Seattle, Washington


Founding Principal of Stuart Silk Architects Stuart was raised in Westport, CT and after college received his master’s degree from the Yale School of Architecture. Shortly after graduation he moved to Seattle where he began his practice in 1981. 

Nichole Wiedemann, AIA
University of Texas at Austin

Nichole Wiedemann, AIA is an Associate Professor and The Paul Philippe Cret Centennial Teaching Fellow in Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. In her teaching, research and practice, she continues to focus on the essential elements of architecture, with an emphasis on site, as a subject for continual investigation. 

Considerations for Awards:

This year’s Awards Program Jury will consider awards in each category listed below for in-State and out-of-State work.  The intent of the Design Committee is to better recognize the high-quality work performed by Connecticut’s many design firms.



Architects licensed and residing in Connecticut may submit projects located anywhere. Architects whose practice is located outside Connecticut may submit projects located in Connecticut.

  • Architectural interns and students are eligible only for the Unbuilt and the Architecture: The Encompassing Art Students and interns must have a faculty sponsor.
  • Submitted projects must have been completed after June 30th, 2010. “Completed” is defined as “substantial completion” in accordance with standard AIA documents.
  • Entries that fall into more than one category must be registered and submitted separately for each individual category.
  • Credit must be given to all contributing architectural firms. AIA membership is not required.
  • Residential Architecture
    • Eligibility: Single family residences and/or accessory buildings, new or remodeled, or any addition. Projects previously submitted to the Alice Washburn Awards Program may also be submitted to this category.  Large-scale residential projects should consider entering in #3 below.
  • Interior Architecture
    • Eligibility: Projects of any interior scope that may be new construction, renovation, preservation, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or pure restoration.
  • Commercial, Institutional, Educational, and Multi-Family Residential Design
    • Eligibility: Both public and private projects - single buildings or a related group of buildings forming a single project, renovations, and additions.
  • Unbuilt Design
    • Eligibility: Unbuilt architectural designs, for which there is no current intent to build, of any project type, including purely theoretical, visionary projects, with or without a client.
  • Architecture: The Encompassing Art
    • Eligibility: A special, inclusive award that celebrates the multitude of design aspects that underpin the overall building design. Eligibility includes but is not limited to designs for such details as hardware, stairways, railings, graphics, lighting or fixtures, furniture, scholarly research, urban planning analyses, or technical innovations.
Submission Requirements:

All submissions will be on-line and in digital format: (PDF and PDF or JPEG images)

Project Category and Description: 

  • Provide a Project Title and select the appropriate awards category from the list above.
  • The jury should not to be able to identify the source of any of the plans or images, therefore: Do not identify the design architects, designers or design team members on any submitted document or image that will be visible to the jury.
  • The design team is to be identified-This information will not be visible to the Jury, do not add in project description:
    • The Owner (if appropriate)
    • The design architect and the architect of record
    • The design teams
    • The Contractor and key subcontractors (if appropriate)
  • A Project Description for Jury consideration - This information is to be visible to the Jury:
    • The location of the Project and its year of completion (2010-2020).
    • A written description to support the Project < 250 words and, if appropriate, a description of sustainable features (an additional 100 words or less).
    • Include the size of the Project (Square Footage) and budget (if appropriate and approved by the Owner).
    • If the Project is a renovation, restoration or adaptive re-use: clearly identify the new work (on both plans and images) and credit the architect of the original work.
    • List all certifications or sustainable building standards that have be met. If listed, provide the metrics that demonstrate building performance.

Photographs & Digital Images:

  • Format: JPEG or PDF
  • Orientation: Landscape (consider normal screen proportions)
  • Size: 8” x 10” maximum @ 300dpi (print media standard)
  • Maximum number of photos: 10
  • Interior and exterior views are strongly encouraged.
  • Drawings (as digital images):
    • Floor plans, elevations and sections as required to describe the project
    • Site Plans are strongly encouraged and are to have a graphic scale and North arrow


  • Provide photo credits and a legal release to allow AIACT to use the photos for awards and marketing purposes.

 Submission Size Limits:

  • Maximum of 20 pages
  • Maximum total digital file size of 50MB
Architecture: Encompassing Art:              

Member of AIA Connecticut: $75.00
Member of Another Chapter: $125.00
Non- Member: $250.00


Residential Architecture:            

Member of AIA Connecticut: $200.00
Member of Another Chapter: $275.00
Non- Member: $400.00


Commercial, Institutional, Educational, or Multi-family Residential Design:

Member of AIA Connecticut: $200.00
Member of Another Chapter: $275.00
Non- Member: $400.00


Unbuilt Award:

Member of AIA Connecticut: $150.00
Member of Another Chapter: $250.00
Non- Member: $300.00


Interior Architecture:

Member of AIA Connecticut: $200.00
Member of Another Chapter: $275.00
Non- Member: $400.00