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What are AIA Contract Documents

The AIA contract documents produced by The American Institute of Architects are the most widely used standard form contracts in the construction industry. Typically, architects and other parties to the design and building process use AIA Contract Documents to support agreements relating to design and construction services.

Why Use AIA Contract Documents

AIA contract documents are fair.
In its contract documents, the AIA seeks to reflect an industry consensus, obtained from the advice of practicing architects, contractors, engineers, owners, surety bond producers, insurers, and attorneys. AIA contract documents balance the interests of all of the parties. This ensures a fair distribution of rights and duties without bias toward any one party, including the architect.

AIA contract documents reflect industry practices, not theory.
Where practices are inconsistent or no guidelines for practice exist, the AIA contract documents provide a consensus-based model for practitioners to follow. AIA contract documents reflect changing construction practices and technology. They are regularly revised to accommodate changes in professional and industry practices and technology.

AIA contract documents reflect changes in law.
They are revised and updated to conform to evolving case law precedence and indemnity insurance.

AIA contract documents are flexible.
They are easily modified to accommodate individual project demands. Such changes can be easily distinguished from the original, printed language.

AIA contract documents are easy to interpret.
They use common words and phrases. Industry or legal jargon is avoided whenever possible


Code books may be purchased from the International Code Council (ICC).  AIA Members receive discount pricing by ordering through AIA Connecticut – CLICK HERE

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Information on Current State Building Code / Connecticut Documents / Currently Adopted Model Codes



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