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ARE Advantage 2024

ARE Advantage

Giving You a Leg Up on Your Path to Licensure

AIA Connecticut is excited to support you on your journey to become a licensed architect.

We developed this resource with YOU in mind. Learn from licensed architects, study at your own pace, and
prepare to pass your exams knowing that you have an advantage!

DISCOUNTED PROGRAMS to assist you in finishing your exams!

Black Spectacles ARE 5.0 Expert 

Black Spectacles is the first and only NCARB approved online test prep provider for all six divisions of the ARE 5.0. Feel confident going into exam day after studying with our NCARB-aligned materials for every division of the ARE. Their versatile resources accommodate every learning style and are available for you to study whenever and wherever you want.

Comprehensive lessons with full outlines and explanations of core topics in each division, led by engaging, expert architects and educators. Black Spectacles offers over 120 hours of video lectures, all built in alignment with NCARB's exam objectives.

Simulate the actual exam with the same look, functionality,and time constraints as the real deal. We use NCARB’s processes to design our ARE® practice questions, which are developed and vetted by leading learning designers and test question experts. With 3 distinct forms for each division, you’ll see every type of question ahead of exam day.

AIA Connecticut Rate: $407/3 months
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Amber Book

Because architects are visual learners,  Amber Book offers 50+ hours of well-animated instruction, more than 600 practice problems with well-animated explanations, plus hundreds (more than 700) of digital flashcards.

Amber Book sees themselves not as study prep material, but rather as something approaching a university-level course, if the university-level course was focused on getting you licensed.

They've updated the Amber Book ARE prep course to incorporate the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards' (NCARB) transition from referencing International Building Code (IBC) 2018 to IBC 2021, keeping individuals ahead in architectural studies. Here's a sneak peek at what's changed:

  • Accessibility Standards: Improvements to ensure spaces are welcoming for everyone.
  • Mass Timber Construction: A future with the latest in sustainable building practices.
  • Building Frontage Calculations: A streamlined approach to design optimization.
  • Unique Building Uses: The newest trends affecting puzzle rooms and micro-distilleries.

Why It Matters: Ensures aspiring architects meet and exceed the current standards, preparing them to lead in the creation of sustainable, inclusive, and forward-thinking designs.

Additionally, NCARB is removing the Quantitative Fill In The Blank question type from their exams. For those of you who are in the middle of taking our practice exams, we will be updating those on March 1st to remove those from our course and replace them with multiple choice variations.

AIA Connecticut Rate: $150/month
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FREE Video Series

In 2021, AIA Connecticut offered a live video series to guide Emerging Professionals through the ARE testing process. In an effort to create a more accessible and flexible program, we have compiled those video lectures into our new ARE Advantage series. As an AIA CT member, you have free access as you prepare for your exams.  

Have questions on AXP?  Contact Manny Machado, AIA the CT NCARB Architect Licensing Advisor at

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Practice Management
Presented by Michael Ayles, FAIA

Programming and Analysis
Presented by Jeannette Penniman, AIA

Project Planning & Design, Part 1
Presented by Paolo Campos, AIA

Project Planning & Design, Part 2
Presented by Manny Machado, AIA

Project Management
Presented by Linda Blaszka, AIA

Project Development & Documentation, Part 1
Presented by Emily Ky, AIA

Project Development & Documentation, Part 2
Presented by Kristin Irwin, AIA

Construction and Evaluation
Presented by Rocco Petitto, AIA

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