Business Architecture Awards

This statewide award honors architects for solving business problems for their clients, thereby demonstrating the power of architecture to shape business performance, to improve peoples’ lives and provide a value added service to clients in a business setting that far exceeds the costs of that service.
2021 Business Architecture Award Jury

Ron Quicquaro, AIA
Studio Q Architecture

Mark Creedon, AIA
Perkins Eastman

Becca Nell, PMP
VVA Project and Cost Managers

2021 Business Architecture
Projects designed for businesses employing 50 people or more

600 Canal Place | Pickard Chilton
Photo Credit: David Sundberg


600 Canal Place offers dramatic views of the James River and downtown Richmond and establishes a new identity for Dominion Energy and the city. Acknowledging the city’s historical connection to the James River, 600 Canal’s curved exterior enclosure is inspired by the shape of the full sails of the ships that historically traveled the river and the city’s canals. The stainless steel diagonal rods that articulate the sweeping façades further emphasize the metaphor of the sail. Culminating in a crisp tower top, the billowing sail of 600 Canal Place reflects the river, city, and sky.

Awarded LEED-NC Gold certification, 600 Canal Place is designed to provide for the comfort, health, and wellbeing of employees. High-performance glazing, energy-efficient mechanical systems, including under-floor air and occupancy sensors, reduce energy costs while providing for improved indoor air quality and individual thermal comfort control. The sweeping curved form of the glass enclosure ushers natural light deep into each floor.

Jury Comments: Stunning. All encompassing. An impactful and bold, site responsive project that met the goals of the client, added to the community, and offered high quality workspace. A one acre expansive roof garden, sculptural interior spaces, and a sweeping glazed façade all contribute to a richly daylit interior with sweeping views and a connection to the city scape and river.


165 Capitol Avenue | Amenta Emma Architects
Photo Credit: Robert Benson Photography

The Connecticut State Office Building is located in downtown Hartford’s historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. The 1931 office building houses the State of Connecticut’s attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, and their staff. Once referred to as a “rabbit warren, with offices within offices, within offices”, this adaptive reuse project exceeds sustainability and accessibility standards and is a vibrant, modern, 21st-century workplace built to carry the building’s 20th century grandeur into the 22nd.

Jury Comments: Beautifully restored and reimagined. The design is effective, clean, inspiring, and yet very appropriate for the client. By modernizing the systems, the original elegance was brought back to a building that had been shoehorned for purpose for many years. It also added function by being welcoming and useful for the public.


Projects designed for businesses employing less than 50 people

Dos Luces Brewery | Pirie Associates
Photo Credit: John Muggenborg

Our team was engaged to create the place for a unique start-up brewery. Dos Luces brews modern versions of Chicha and Pulque, ancient beverages from Mexico and Peru that use corn as the base grain. In developing the initial design concept, we were asked to consider what the culture of the Amer­icas would be like had European colonization not happened. Our design approach was inspired by the ancient cultural mythology of Mexico and Peru, namely that of the three worlds - the lower, middle, and upper.



In addition, part of the business plan was for people to hang out for a while and meet others, so we created an inviting place by focusing on health and wellbeing practices including biophilia, cultural placemaking, and resource conservation.

Jury Comments: This is a truly special space. With the ties back to the founder's culture, it helps all who visit "live" in that way. It supports interaction, enjoyment of the product, and stretches the small sf with the inside/outside connection to expand the space. The tight budget was well utilized on function and community.

Connecticut Innovations | Amenta Emma Architects
Photo Credit: Robert Benson Photography

As part of Connecticut Innovation’s strategic 5-year plan to put Connecticut on the map as a technology and life sciences hub, the quasi-public venture capital firm relocated its headquarters to New Haven and requested an edgy new space to match their mission. The 10,000-square-foot headquarters encompasses offices, meeting rooms, collaborative areas and open work areas. Exposed structure, HVAC, brickwork, metal panel ornamentation, and concrete floor staining are contextual with original architecture and provide an urban industrial aesthetic that makes a statement about the types of startups the company wants to attract.

Jury Comments: This space is beautifully designed, has a great flow and stunning finishes. New and inventive use of circulation space. Playful utilization of the “box” design vocabulary to organize and form a pleasant interaction between useable and circulation spaces. The client clearly had great improvements to their current space.