Thursday, February 29, 2024

CAF Grants

For 40 years, the Connecticut Architecture Foundation has assisted people and programs in educational efforts that meet the mission of the foundation.

In 2018 the CAF funded the following programs:

Organization Project/Purpose Board Approved Funding
Architectural Resource Center, Inc. The Design Connections Partnership in New Haven Schools $1,000.00
CT Science Fair William Mack Award $500.00
Bridgeport Public Schools – Turnaround Arts Thom Mayne Young Architects Program $3,000.00
Tim Applebee, University of Hartford ACSA 106th Annual Meeting and Conference (Presentation) $550.00
Platt Technical High School ICC High School Technical Training Program $845.00
NOMAS National Organization of Minority Architects Annual Conference, Chicago $1,500.00

To apply for funding, please click below for the Grant Application:
Special Project Funding Application – Grant Application