Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Creative Arts Workshop AIA Discount

Special Offer for Connecticut AIA members

 Do you want to engage your creative muscles in a new way?  Take a class or workshop to kick-start your creativity, learn something new, or re-new your relationship with a favorite visual arts discipline. AIA has partnered with Creative Arts Workshop in downtown New Haven to offer a way for members to connect to their creativity. Think of CAW as your creativity gym and sign up for a summer class! 

Special offer for AIA Members: Creative Arts Workshop is offering all CT AIA members a one-year free membership. Benefits of membership include: 10% discount on CAW courses, and purchases at Hull’s Art Supply and Artist & Craftsman. To enroll, and get immediate benefits of membership, call CAW’s registrar at (203) 562-4928 or  email registrar@creativeartsworkshop.org

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