Monday, October 2, 2023

Fellows Mentoring Program

AIA Connecticut Fellows are pleased to share their experience and insights on the practice of architecture with chapter members. They would like to offer their time to members as mentors on a variety of issues about which individual members may want to pursue an in- depth conversation or briefly discuss specific questions. The program is intended to be a one-on-one experience.

Those AIA Connecticut members wishing help would contact one of the volunteer Fellows directly to mutually determine the format for contact (meeting directly, telephone conference, email, etc.). The communications would be exclusively between the individuals and as confidential as desired.

Below you will find a list of Fellows and their experience and contact information to set a time for meeting.

Bruce Bockstael, FAIA
Areas of Expertise:  Project Management,  Marketing, Public presentations, Consultant relationships,  Leadership

Barbara L. Geddis FAIA
Areas of Expertise:  Project Management, Firm Organization, Human Resources, Firm financial management, Marketing, Consultant relationships, Leadership

Duo Dickinson, FAIA
Areas of Expertise:  Design, Project Management, Firm Organization,  Marketing,  Leadership

Glenn H. Gregg, FAIA
Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Firm Leadership/Organization, Firm start-up, Path to Ownership/Partnership, Marketing

Jonathan Humble, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP-BD+C
Areas of Expertise: Career goals, resume, Communication skills, Green, sustainability, energy, and resilient design, Public speaking

James LaPosta, FAIA
Areas of Expertise:
Design, Project Management, Firm Organization, Marketing, Public presentations, Consultant relationships, Leadership

James McManus, FAIA
Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Firm Organization, Human Resources, Resume Critique, Firm Financial Management, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Consultant Relationships, Leadership

John P. Franzen, FAIA
Areas of Expertise:
Project Management, Firm financial basics, Marketing, Leadership

Michael Ayles FAIA
Areas of Expertise:
Firm Organization/Leadership, Marketing, Community Relations

Ross Spiegel, FAIA
Areas of Expertise: Written documentation, Sustainability

Richard C. Connell, FAIA
Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Firm Leadership/Organization, Marketing, Path to Ownership/Partnership

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