Tuesday, November 28, 2023

College of Fellows

The AIA Connecticut Fellows  are pleased to offer chapter members information on Fellowship requirements and processes and a selection of recent successful submissions from AIA Connecticut members.
We suggest that  members explore the links below and examine the submissions of the chapter candidates in order to help assess the strength of materials.
We encourage potential candidates to indicate their interest by contacting the chapter’s Executive Director (Email). The Executive Director will schedule an introductory meeting with an advisory panel made up of AIA Connecticut Fellows. If the candidate pursues Fellowship, the panel may assist in shaping materials through meetings throughout the year. The submissions of those who have consulted with the advisory panel will be submitted under the signature of the component president or secretary; no formal letter is required.
If nominated by petition, each member in good standing must print and sign their name on the petition form. Additionally, the nominee's component must be notified of the petition nomination.
Second and third-year applicants can use the nomination form from their first year. Each candidate must be nominated by either their assigned component or by a petition signed by any five Fellows in good standing or any 10 architect members in good standing.
List of AIA Connecticut Fellows
AIA College of Fellows