Thursday, February 29, 2024

Hip Hop Architecture Camp

Hip Hop Architecture Camp (HHAC)was in August 2023 at the University of Hartford!

News 8 dropped by to capture the incredible energy as campers dove into the world of Hip Hop-inspired design. This year's theme – skateparks – is in memory of Tyre Nichols of Memphis, TN, whose young life was taken in January 2023.

Instructors and volunteers guided the campers on how music and lyrics are a catalyst to architecture, urban planning, and design.

Thanks to our Hip Hop Beat Partners –
JCJ Architecture, Amenta Emma Architects, & Patriquin Architects who joined us to speak to the campers.
Stay tuned as the we continue the week-long camp!


Photos from Hip Hop Architecture Camp on August 23, 2023.

Untitled design (1)

We hit the goal of $25,000!  

We couldn't have done it without the
support of the following:

Hip Hop Beat Partners

Hip Hop Track Partners

The Hip Hop Architecture Camp® positions Hip Hop culture as a catalyst to introduce underrepresented youth to architecture, urban planning, and design.
The program is based on the "4C's" - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking - and brings together students with top industry professionals, including architects, urban planners, designers, community activists, and hip hop artists. Together, they work to envision and create innovative designs for their own communities, using a range of mediums including physical models, digital models, and even their own original Hip Hop Architecture track and music video.


Angel Partners

Russell & Dawson, Inc.
Cardello Architects
Beinfield Architecture
Philip H. Cerrone Architects
Joseph Sepot Architects
Hunter Smith Associates, Architects
Huestis Tucker Architects
Newman Architects
Kenneth Boroson Architects
Crosskey Architects, LLC
Fuss & O'Neill, Inc.
BL Companies
Robert Benson Photography
Marc G. André Architects