Monday, October 2, 2023

Preparation for the ARE: 2021 Lecture Series

Working towards Licensure?
Take advantage of the ARE series to give yourself an edge in being prepared for the exams.
Registered Architects cover all aspects of exam divisions.
– Handouts and downloads with each lecture.
– Networking opportunities to form your own study groups.
– Access to a lending library of study materials.
– Post lecture access to Instructors.
– Opportunity for a discounted subscription to Amber Book Video Series
Each Lecture: 3 CE Hours.
Registration for individual classes can be found on our calendar here.
February 10
Practice Management
Business Operations
Finances, Risk & Development of Practice
Practice-Wide Delivery of Services
Practice Methodologies
Presented by: Michael Ayles, FAIA
Antonozzi Associates
June 9
Project Management
Resource Management
Project Work Planning
Project Execution
Project Quality Control
Presented by: Linda Blaszka, AIA
Newman Architects
March 10
Programming & Analysis 

Environmental & Contextual Conditions
Codes & Regulations
Site Analysis & Programming
Building Analysis & Programming
Presented by: Jeannette Penniman, AIA
Patriquin Architects
September 8
Project Development & Documentation Pt 1
Integration of Building Materials & Systems
Construction Documentation
Presented by Emily Ky, AIA
SLAM Collaborative
April 14
Project Planning & Design Pt 1 
Environmental Conditions & Context
Codes & Regulations
Building Systems, Materials & Assemblies
Presented by: Paolo Campos, AIA
Patriquin Architects
October 13
Project Development & Documentation Pt 2
Project Manual & Specifications
Codes & Regulations
Construction Cost Estimates
Presented by Kristin Irwin, AIA
May 12
Project Planning & Design Pt 2 
Project Integration of Program & Systems
Project Costs & Budgeting
Presented by: Manny Machado, AIA
Antonozzi Associates
November 10
Construction & Evaluation 
Preconstruction Activities
Construction Observation
Administrative Procedures & Protocols
Project Closeout & Evaluation
Presented by Rocco Petitto, AIA
QA+M Architecture