Drawing Awardees

This biennial award recognizes excellence in architectural drawing.

Biltmore Photo Scan

Andrea Boyle, AIA


This work is the result of field documentation and historical research of the iconic Miami hotel with its Medieval, Giralda inspired tower.

"A good example of Historical Documentation that simply and elegantly expresses the nature of the courtyard and scale of its surroundings."

British Palace of Westminster Big Ben - Submit

Brian Varano, AIA


This birds eye perspective is unique in the sense that not many people get to view Big Ben and the rest of the complex in this context.  With the aid of historic sketches and photos from the UK Parliament website and Google Earth I was able to create this pen and ink and colored pencil image.

"making skillful use of white - the Thames at right, the steep-angled roof at left, and the completely concocted spotlight in the courtyard at center -- to pop elements forward while at the same time evoking a pea-soup day in smoky 19th c. London. Excellent. "


Robert Metzgar, AIA


A continuous single red line winds its way across the floor. The design can be adapted to any size and room dimensions using a custom parametric script.

"A really clever hexagonal tile, hypnotic in the weaving theme and variations. A sort of visual Die Kunst der Fuge. The black frame and subtly textured brown mat are effective containment." 

Drawing Submission 1 - Performing Arts CenterCROPPED

Paul Baldinger, AIA

Brendan O’Rourke


This concept drawing is for a proposed Performing Arts building at an independent school in Connecticut. The architectural character is influenced by the Georgian Revival style which is the predominant style on campus. The drawing mixes hand linework techniques with digital software to create a dramatic effect that one might experience for an evening performance – roll out the red carpet!

Line Drawing by: Paul Baldinger, AIA
Digitally Painted by: Brendan O'Rourke

"the watercolor washes convey the inviting evening lantern glow."

Shinagawa Watercolors

Anthony Markese, AIA


As part of the competition submission for the project, a series of impressionistic watercolor sketches were created to simply express the vision for the key concepts of the pedestrian experience within the newly created public realm.
A palette of color washes conveys with a few brushstrokes the fundamental elements within the public realm experience – blue for architecture, red for park interventions, green for a series of landscaped spaces, and yellow for the pedestrian promenade that flows through the design.

"Elegantly composed; coveys creative energy of the initial gesture"