Urban Mining January Webinar

Louis P. Grasso Jr., LEED AP

Louis P. Grasso Jr., LEED AP, is the Lead Inventor of Pozzotive®, a Founding Partner of Urban Mining Industries, LLC and Chief Executive Officer of Urban Mining CT LLC, a licensed regional producer of Pozzotive®. Pozzotive® is a ground glass pozzolan and industrial filler made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass. It is a safer, sustainable and higher-performing material that dramatically reduces embodied CO2 emissions in concrete. Through a patented process, the post-consumer glass is processed into a fine, powder-like substance. Pozzotive® can be incorporated into the design matrix used in various products including concrete, paints, and polymers. Using Pozzotive® curbs CO2 emissions, diverts glass from landfills, reduces the need for virgin mined materials, and contributes to a circular economy.

Louis has over 35 years of experience combined in commercial construction and development and in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of masonry products. As the Lead Inventor of Pozzotive®, he has committed 20 years of his professional career toward the commercialization of the product. Louis is responsible for new product and plant development, operations and ongoing efforts to educate the design, development and construction industries on the benefits of Pozzotive® and to strengthen the Pozzotive® brand.