Tuesday, November 28, 2023

State Selection Process Update

The State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services – Construction Services (DAS / CS) has made a series of changes to our consultant selection process designed to make the process more efficient and more equitable. In summary we have:

  1. Transitioned to online QBS submittals. We have simplified the requirements and have introduced new CT form 330 for use by consultants. The old CT 330 forms may be continued to be used by consultants throughout 2020
  2. Rating categories have been simplified for all selections, formal project A/E, Construction Administration (CA) also referred to “Owners Project Managers” and On-Calls. Of note, the evaluation of Total Volume of Work will be a consideration at both the screening stage (short list) and the interview stage; should a consultant have a substantial project load, as determined by DAS / CS, during the screening stage, DAS / CS may decide to select for interview the next most qualified firm on the long list.
  3. During the selection interviews, panel members will be ranking the firms from one to five with the responsiveness ratings as backup detail. This is a departure from developing point scores and assures a more equitable evaluation system.
  4. Finally, shortlisted firms will be required to attend a mandatory site visit followed by a scope meetings with all firms simultaneously prior to the interview. Following the interview the top three most qualified firms based on the rankings will be notified and required to submit a consultant services fee proposal within ten calendar days of the notification. During and following the scope meeting the consultant teams may ask scope relevant questions, all questions will be documented and provided to all shortlisted teams.

Submitted by:

David H Barkin FAIA | Chief Architect
Construction Services – Technical Services
Department of Administrative Services

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 1305
Hartford, CT 06103
Office: (860) 713-5631