Thursday, June 1, 2023

AIA Connecticut


Study Grant for ARE Exam Preparation

AIA Connecticut and Connecticut Architectural Foundation have come together to provide additional study materials for our emerging professionals studying for the AREs. We know how difficult it can be to find east to use study materials so we are offering two options, Amber Book Video and Black Spectacles.

AIA Connecticut has partnered with Amber Book Video again this year. One seat a month of Amber Book Video will be offered at no charge through the Study Grant. The other 3 seats each month are available at the discounted rate of $145/month. 

One subscription seat for April, May & June of Black Spectacles will be offered at no charge - six seats available. Or purchase a three month subscription at the AIA CT discounted rate of $327.


Amber Book Video offers animated instructional courses at a university level focusing on getting you licensed.

AIA Connecticut is offering a grant for a free month of Amber Book Video.

Other Pricing for Amber Book Video

$145.00/ month
  • Through AIA Connecticut:
    1 Seat for $145.00/ Month. 3 Seats open/ Month

Black Spectacles provide support for not only ARE prep, but software learning and career insights from leaders in the profession.

Connecticut Architectural Foundation is offering a grant for three consecutive months of Black Spectacles.

Other Pricing for Black Spectacles

$109.00/ month
3 month subsription required