Business Architecture Awards


The Business Architecture Awards honors architects for solving business problems for clients, thereby demonstrating the power of architecture to shape business performance, to improve peoples’ lives and provide a value added service to clients in a business setting that far exceeds the costs of that service. Projects may include non-profit businesses. The award acknowledges architects and their clients whose projects enhance the built environment and achieve business goals.

Andrew Wolf
Director of Art, Culture, & Tourism
City of New Haven

Michael Tyre, AIA
Recipient of 2018 Business Architecture Honor Award

Elizabeth Bender
Assistant Director of Capital Planning & Design at Quinnipiac University
Recipient of 2018 Business Architecture Honor Award

2019 Awards

Projects Designed for Businesses Employing 50 or More People
Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons / Pickard Chilton
Photo Credit: Tom Rossiter; John December; David Sundberg/Esto
The 32-story, 1.1 million gsf Tower and Commons unites four office buildings to create a high-performance 8-acre urban campus that engages employees and the city, while embodying the company’s longstanding values to “do the right thing”.


Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence / ID3A, LLC
Photo Credit: Robert Benson Photography
Stanley Black & Decker completed the design and construction of an Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence in downtown Hartford to accelerate its global Industry 4.0 “smart factory” initiative. Called “Manufactory 4.0,”  the center is named after the original Stanley Bolt Manufactory founded in 1843.  Located at Hartford’s One Constitution Plaza, the 23,000 SF Center, provides a hub for start-up companies, a real-time problem solving/collaboration center and a “Think Tank” lab to test design prototypes and new technology. The new space is designed for flexibility and capitalizes on the existing window walls to create a visual connection to the surrounding streetscape immersing the center into the capital city.


Projects Designed for Businesses Employing Less Than 50 People
GBX Showroom / Maier Design Group, LLC
Photo Credit: Heather Conley Photography, LLC
Set against the backdrop of Hartford’s Historic Colt Gateway Complex, the Greenbox-is (GBX) Showroom is meant to be an intriguing contrast between old and new construction methods.


United Bank Greenwich / Studio Q Architecture 
Photo Credit: Carl Vernlund Photography
In an effort to break into an affluent marketplace and broaden its services, United Bank chose Greenwich Avenue, one of the most notable locations in Downtown Greenwich to launch its new, 8 employee, Wealth Management prototype branch. As an experimental roll out, this new location opted to present as its defining features and means of services a setting where the notion of “hosting guests” was explored versus customers served.  Through the use of clean, sophisticated detailing, transparency, communicative planning and the notion of “Living Rooms” in lieu of offices and conference spaces the shift from traditional office branch archetype was achieved. All transactions, if necessary are done in an intimate face-to face setting, and the notion of Bank branch is debunked while the exercise of hosting is facilitated in this new setting.


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