Thursday, February 29, 2024


K-12 Initiative

Hello Educators!
We are excited to present a new education initiative from the Connecticut Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Women in Architecture Committee.
Up first is The Architecture in Our Community Video Series that provides bite-size content for teachers and parents to share with students in grades 6 through 9. This series offers exposure to the architecture industry through the stories of five local projects presented by a member of each project’s design team. Students will learn about various aspects of the design process and the important role that architects play in our communities.
Each video presentation highlights one Connecticut project and focuses on one aspect of the architectural design process. Projects are recognizable and/or easy to visit for students and their families. The goal of this series is to increase exposure to the profession and to a diversity of design professionals. Content is appropriate for curriculum goals related to STEM and Women in STEM. The program is designed to be useful for homeschooling, remote, or in-classroom instruction.
We hope you will find this series both instructional and exciting!
Please contact us at for more information.
Marissa Dionne Mead, AIA, NOMA, LEEPAP       Gina Calabro, Hon. AIACT, NOMA
AIACT Women In Architecture Committee            Executive Director, AIA Connecticut

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Each video includes a presentation along with prompts for discussion and recommended activities.

K-12 Episode 1 Title Image

Episode 1: Introduction
What does an Architect do?

Episode 1 is the introduction to the Architecture in Our Community series, hosted by Katelyn Chapin of Svigals + Partners and featuring interviews with five local architects: Paolo Campos AIA, Emily Ky AIA, Dominique Moore Assoc. AIA, Ming Thompson AIA, and Shamila Zubairi AIA.

This introduction offers a summary of an architect’s responsibilities as well as an outline of the architectural design process.

K-12 Episode 2 Title Image

Episode 2:
Research and Programming

Episode 2 covers the research and programming phases for the new Peabody Museum renovation hosted by Andrew Santaniello, AIA of Centerbrook Architects.

K-12 Episode 3 Image

Episode 3:
Community Engagement
& Concept Design

Episode 3 covers community engagement and concept design phases for New Britain’s Beehive Bridge, hosted by Marissa Dionne Mead AIA of Svigals + Partners.

Episode 4 Title Image

Episode 4:
Design Development

Episode 4 covers the Design Development phase for the Connecticut Science Center, hosted by Mariko Masuoka from Pelli Clarke Pelli architects in New Haven, CT.

In the Design Development phase, architects begin to test the designs that were created during the previous phase of concept design.

Episode 5 Title Image

Episode 5:
Construction Documents

Episode 5 covers the Construction Documents phase for the Beineke Library Renovations, hosted by Linda Blaszka from Newman Architects in New Haven, CT.

In the Construction Documents phase, architects draw out the final project design using a number of different drawing types, as well as a written manual called a “Specification Book”. This episode focuses on the drawing package and the range of information included in these drawings. Construction Documents are the directions or “roadmap” for how the construction team will build the building. The Construction Documents also serve as a way to coordinate all of the work that will go into a project – from the architectural design,to the structural and mechanical systems.

Episode 6 Title Image

Episode 6:
Construction Administration

Episode 6 covers the Construction Administration phase for the Dunkin Donuts Minor League Baseball Stadium, hosted by Rick Bouchard from the S/L/A/M Collaborative in Glastonbury, CT.

Construction Administration is generally the final phase of the architectural design process. In this phase, architects review and approve project submittals*, observe work in progress, and complete a final punchlist to close out the project. An architect may need to provide additional guidance or drawings during this phase if questions or changes arise during construction. This episode reviews the construction process including site work, concrete, steel, and the professionals involved in inspecting this work.

Episode 7 Title Image--

Episode 7:
How to Become an Architect

Episode 7 reviews the process for becoming an architect from high school to licensure, hosted by Omarys Vasquez AIA, NOMA LEEDAP
of Svigals + Partners.
Students who express an interest in architecture can begin exploring the profession as early as middle school and high school – either on their own or through programs offered through their school or state. A listing of CT programs is included for reference.

Special thanks to the following Architecture Firms for their participation in this initiative.