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Committees and Communities

AIA Connecticut’s Committees and Knowledge Communities are practice-area or professional-based interest groups for the purposes of sharing information, organizing learning opportunities and events, advocacy and policy formulation, networking, and various other initiatives. The majority of the chapter’s programs are spearheaded by these Committees and Knowledge Communities.

To get involved, contact the staff coordinator listed below or email

Please consult the AIA CT Calendar for up-to-date meeting information.

  • Building Performance & Regulations (BP&R)

    The BP&R Knowledge Community focuses on code-related issues and the performance of building materials systems. It also supports codes and building performance programs.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Brian Baril, AIA, A/Z Corporation
    Dov Feinmesser, AIA, Newman Architects

    Staff Coordinator: Joel Whitten

    Committee on Design

    The Committee on Design promotes design excellence among members of the AIA, the broader design community, and the public at large. It promotes a range of activities intended to encourage dialogue on the art of building. 

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Jeremy Jamilkowski, AIA, Amenta Emma
    Mahdad Saniee, AIA, Saniee Architects

    Staff Coordinator: Gina Calabro

    Committee on the Environment (COTE)​

    The COTE Knowledge Community promotes the chapter’s involvement in sustainable and energy-related issues as well as the role of architects in mitigating environmental damage. It serves to educate members on environmental matters.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Melissa Kops, AIA, City of New Haven
    Andrew Gorzkowski, AIA, Pickard Chilton

    Staff Coordinator: Joel Whitten

    Emerging Professionals

    The Emerging Professionals Community serves architectural designers pursuing professional and personal growth by providing resources that afford social, educational, and cultural opportunities. 

    The goal is to celebrate their unique talents while encouraging active involvement within the greater AEC community.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Laura Bedus, AIA, JCJ Architecture
    Leen Hariri, Assoc. AIA, Patriquin Architects

    Staff Coordinator: Nora Kaszubowski

    Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (J.E.D.I.)​

    The J.E.D.I Knowledge Community is dedicated to advancing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity within the architectural profession and beyond. Its mission is rooted in understanding related challenges, fostering commitment and action, and supporting diverse future generations.

    Click here for information on the J.E.D.I. Challenge.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Max E. Ballardo, Assoc. AIA, NOMA, Patriquin Architects
    Thaddeus Stewart, AIA, ID&C

    Staff Coordinator: Nora Kaszubowski

    Professional Practice

    The Professional Practice Knowledge Community is dedicated to enhancing the expertise and capabilities of architects and emerging professionals. 

    The goal is to foster a deeper comprehension and increased adaptability to the evolving dynamics influencing the field of Architecture.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    F. Michael Ayles, FAIA, Antinozzi Associates, PC
    Amy Samuelson, AIA, BL Companies

    Staff Coordinator: Joel Whitten

    Women in Architecture (WiA)

    The Women in Architecture Knowledge Community provides an environment for women architects and Allied professionals to enhance their professional development, networking, and leadership skills.

    The knowledge community focuses on supporting professional growth through networking and connections, championing advancement to leadership positions, offering career guidance, strengthening community outreach, and providing support to women in their career development in architecture.

    Click here for information on the 4×10 Mentorship Program.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Jennifer Huestis, AIA, Huestis-Tucker Architects
    Julia Jack, AIA, City of Hartford

    Staff Coordinator: Nora Kaszubowski

    Small Firms Exchange (SFx)

    The Small Firms Exchange advances the mutual interests of architects practicing in small firms. The group advocates for the value of small firms within the AIA and out in public. It also promotes business development, marketing, and leadership development.

    The AIA CT SFx focuses on the national mission at a local scale, engaging and supporting small firms practicing in Connecticut.

    Click here for SFx resources.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Karin Patriquin, AIA, Patriquin Architects
    Elizabeth Di Salvo, AIA, Trillium Architects

    Staff Coordinator: Nora Kaszubowski

    Allied Advisory

    The Allied Advisory Committee provides a channel of support and communications between related service providers (Allied members) and AIA members. The committee assists AIA CT staff by providing support in planning major events and securing sponsors.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    Bob Labanara, Wohlson Construction Company
    Dominic Di Cenzo, CT Concrete Promotion Council

    Staff Coordinator: Joel Whitten

    Government Affairs

    The Government Affairs Committee assists as a watchdog for the profession, focusing on legislative and licensing issues, and encourages AIA Connecticut’s participation in local, state, and federal government.

    2024 Co-Chairs:
    John J. Butkus, AIA, Arcadis
    Marc Andre, AIA, Marc Andre Architects

    Staff Coordinator: Gina Calabro

    Honors & Awards

    The Honors & Awards Knowledge Community helps determine award programs by finalizing criteria, forming diverse juries, and jurying specific awards. 

    AIA Connecticut Awards recognize personal successes, crowning career achievements, and exemplary design in various practice areas.

    Staff Coordinator: Gina Calabro