Monday, October 2, 2023

Newly Licensed Architects

Celebrating the 2022 Newly Licensed Architects

The path to licensure requires many hours of rigorous studying, six lengthy exams, and fees associated with testing. AIA Connecticut is happy to provide each new licensee with a frameable signed and sealed certificate commemorating this achievement.

The following eighteen individuals were licensed as architects by The Connecticut Architecture Licensing Board in 2022.

Congratulations to all on your success! All the hard work, long hours, and dedication has paid off and we celebrate you and your achievement!

Joshua Arthur
Erin L Benken
Nicholas Alexander Frezza
Andrew Thomas Graceffa
Anna Gray
Ryan Haley
Charles Murat Williams Hickox
Jeremy Adam Hill
Alexis Erin Hoff

Austin Jay Lankford
Molly Salafia
Stuart Kenneth Shanks
Thomas  Sieniewicz
Christopher Sotire
Brenna Leigh Thompson
Karen Wenschhof
Wesley Carrol Wright
Jason Daniel Wyman